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At Urban Healthcare, we pride ourselves on offering a difference in quality medical care.

We do this by providing people what they deserve – high-quality medical care that’s affordable, compassionate, and convenient. Our medical professionals are truly interested in YOU, YOUR FAMILY, and YOUR HEALTH.


Erianna Versnel, PA-C

Erianna Versnel, PA-C, is a dedicated and compassionate physician assistant who earned her degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. With a profound dedication to improving the health and well-being of individuals, with a particular emphasis on women’s health, she is excited to introduce herself and share her mission with you.

Erianna is driven by the belief that every patient deserves comprehensive and empathetic care that is tailored to their unique needs. Erianna aims to empower patients through knowledge, support, and personalized medical guidance, fostering a healthier and happier community.

Outside the realm of medicine, Erianna has active involvement in the local church and volunteers with local anti-human trafficking organizations. She also can be regularly seen walking with her beloved pup, Monte.

Whether you seek medical advice, information on women’s health topics, or simply are looking for inspiration for leading a healthier life, she invites you to join her in championing overall well-being.

Pooja Patel, PA

Primary Care and Internal medicine provider, Pooja Patel, is a board certified Physician Assistant. She holds certificates in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life support.

She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Master’s of Science, in Physician Assistant Studies, and has practiced in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine. She treats a range of conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, anxiety, etc.

Her favorite part of practicing medicine is seeing patient’s improvements in their health, physically and mentally. She focuses on holistic and medicinal approaches to make her patient’s feel the best they can on a daily basis.






We care about you, and your family. Listening (really listening) to your concerns, helping you completely understand your options, and making you as informed as possible. We want you to get healthy, and stay healthy.

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Affordable Quality Healthcare

We’re confident you and your family will love the care we provide at affordable prices.

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Convenient Services

Need a vaccination? Come on in. Have the flu? We’ll help you. Need blood work, a physical, or anything else? No problem – we’re here.

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Treatment for All

We specialize in families, and can help each and every member. From prenatal to geriatric, we’re here for everyone.


A bygone era… returned.

There was a time when medical professionals truly cared about the patients and communities they served. As the years passed, this has been replaced with an indifferent approach where paperwork is more important than people. In addition, the prices have skyrocketed to ridiculous levels. We’re looking to change that, one family at a time.

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We are passionate about your health and look forward to meeting you.