Meet Dr. El Zufari

M. Hazem El Zufari, MD

A true passion for medicine and a genuine interest in every parent’s health are the first impressions one gets from meeting Dr. El Zufari. This passion and caring demeanor are rooted in his family history, where as a boy growing up in Syria, he watched his two physician uncles care for entire families, across multiple generations. Seeing the faith that was placed in his uncles by mothers and children alike, young Hazem decided that caring for families was to be his calling. Because, as he puts it, “by treating each member of the family, they can work together to promote good health and well-being for the entire family.”

A Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. El Zufari graduated from Damascus University College of Medicine, and also has training through the University of Arkansas Area Health Education program in El Dorado, Arkansas. His reach and expertise is prolific; Dr. El Zufari was a member of the Ethics Committee at Memorial Hermann and served as chairman until 2022. The Woodlands Hospital, and serves as chairman of the Family Medicine Department at the Memorial Hermann Hospital The Woodlands. Dr. El Zufari is also affiliated with Health South Rehab Hospital.

In starting the Urban Healthcare, Dr. El Zufari is fulfilling his ambition to provide affordable, compassionate family care. Known for his empathetic demeanor and ability to really listen to his patients, Dr. El Zufari feels the best reward is not peer accolades or credentials (of which he has plenty), but the positive feedback and trust he receives from his patients. Because in the end; when a mother, father, and child all take an interest in each other’s health; everybody wins.

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