Dermatology Procedures

At Urban Healthcare, we believe healthy skin is a vital part of overall health. Regardless of skin type, age, or severity of condition, we offer a full range of services at our clinic. Our experts are here to answer questions and provide expert care for a variety of procedures and treatments.

Common treatments include acne treatment, sun damage, skin cancer, hyperhidrosis, abscess drainage, laceration repair, skin tag removal, among others.

It is our goal is to inform our patients of options to help make the appropriate choice for treatment. Many treatments are done in our clinic and do not require a referral.

Dermatology Procedures – Self Pay Pricing

Abscess Drainage $120
Laceration Repair (Starting Price, Final Price Based On Complexity) $200
Lesion Removal $200
Skin Tag Removal (Price Includes 1-15 Skin Tags) $115
Wart Removal $140
Ingrown Nail Removal $200

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