Insurances Accepted & Self Pay Pricing

Insurances Accepted

Urban Healthcare always welcomes new patients and is pleased to accept many types of health insurance. Check with your insurance carrier to ensure that our providers are on your plan. You may also call our office for staff assistance to help you determine your patient benefits and estimated coverage by your insurance.

For the uninsured, we offer extremely competitive self-pay rates to fit your budget and needs. In fact, we’re sure you’ll be surprised at just how affordable quality medical care can be. As we mentioned elsewhere, we do things differently here, and that is reflected in our self-pay fees.

We accept most credit/debit cards. For more information on our Self Pay packages, please call us at 346-718-2142.

Self Pay Pricing

Family Medicine

Office Visit $90
Well Woman Exam
(Includes Pap Smear, U/A And Pregnancy Test Only) with lab
Annual Physical Exam
(Includes Labs[CBC, CPM & Lipid Only], EKG, UA)
Form Processing Fee (I.E. Disability License Plate) $35
Sports, Camp Or College Physical
Notes: Physical Includes measurement and evaluation of height, weight, blood pressure, vision, eyes, ears, nose, throat, neck, chest, heart, abdomen pulses, lymph nodes, skin, joints, spine, and muscles.
College Admission Package
Measles Antibody IGG, Mumps Antibody IGG, Rubella Immunize Status, Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Quat, Hepatitis C Antibody, Quanteferon TB Gold, Varicella Zoster Virus IGG

Clinical Services

Spirometry $45
Spirometry Challenge $80
Nebulizer $25
IV Infusion
(1st Hour, Every Additional Hour $25)
EKG $25
Pregnancy Test $15
Influenza Test A/B $45
TB Test $30
Strep Test $25
Urinanalysis $15
Celiac Disease panel $100
Adult Food Allergy Panel $160
STD Panel
Including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Herpes and Syphilis Screening
Cerumen Removal (Each Ear) $60
Removal Of Foreign Body From Ear $165
Thyroid Profile $30
Blood Group and RH Type $25
Drug Screen Clinical $80
H-Pylori infection $80
Mono Test $20
Lyme Disease $50
Vitamin D Level $50
Vitamin B12 Level $25


Trigger Point Injection (1-2 Muscles) $70
Trigger Point Injection (3 Or More Muscles) $80
Joint Injections – Small Joint (Fingers, Toes) $70
Joint Injections – Intermediate Joint (Wrist, Elbow, Ankle) $75
Joint Injections – Major Joint (Shoulder, Hip, Knee) $90
Intralesion Injection: Up To 7 Lesions $75
Aspiration/Injection Ganglion Cyst $75
Kenalog $35
Phenergan $30
Rocephin $35
Toradol $35
Vitamin B 12 Injection 1ml $20
Decadron $35

Dermatology Procedures

Abscess Drainage $120
Laceration Repair (Starting Price, Final Price Based On Complexity) $200
Lesion Removal $200
Skin Tag Removal (Price Includes 1-15 Skin Tags) $115
Wart Removal $140
Ingrown Nail Removal $200